Friday, October 8, 2010

So many troubles

I have met so many people - or people who know people - these past few days at both the Gluten Free Food Show in Melbourne and currently at the Good Food and Wine Show in Adelaide who are living with chronic conditions that are a mystery and a challenge both to mainstream medicine and the alternative therapies. It just reinforces to me the need for more communication, more education, more research and more conversation because people's quality of life is adversely affected and it shouldn't be.
It raises, for me, the question about what is wellness?
To me, it is a whole of life approach. I have spent many years trying to discover what was 'wrong with me' why I was rendered housebound and fuzzy with stomach pain and a general feeling of internal ugliness...the lesson for me, which I am constantly relearning and having to remind myself, is that wellness is holistic. You cannot simply cut out certain foods to make you better. It has to be more. Since exploring this philosophy, we have rid our house of chemicals, we live, as much as we can out of the veggie patch or what our surroundings provide, we enjoy time with friends and family, I take time for me and my body with alternative therapies and I try to stress less (this one is tricky sometimes, particularly when embarking on a new venture!). I now feel better than I ever have when I was just focusing on what food I could and couldn't eat!
I want to share this message - while concurrently putting my money where my mouth is and raising funds for health and wellness research and education, so more people can revel in their life rather than just going through the motions and tolerating ill health or unwellness.
Join me on this journey and SHARE YOUR STORY TOO!

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