Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I love Paella; not only because of the way the actually word sounds (when said correctly!) but the memories it conjures of a holiday in Europe, a fleeting visit to Spain (one night!) and an evening in the town square; a sangria induced bliss coupled with paella, creme catalan and some ruccous football fans! But that is for another day!

I was given a Paella pan for Christmas last year, so, along with my two chefs in the kitchen (the kids!) we prepared a banquet for the family! Despite the heat, it was Lightning Ridge in January, we managed to prepare a super special paella, complete with yellow belly and yabbies (as well as sea fish, chicken and prawns!), broad beans and all the other delights including chorizo!

The paella had all the requirements I have read are important - moist and supple rice, a crunchy and delicious crust on the base and just the right combination of freshness (from the peas) and flavours! It smelled amazing whilst cooking and, I have to say, even tasted fantastic the next day!

We coupled the Spanish triumph with a non alcoholic version of Sangria, which I made using the aerated non alcoholic wine you can buy from the supermarket and orange juice - it was a HIT!

There is a lot of anxiety around about making paella, and I have to say it is warranted! With so many wonderful ingredients the fear of failure could be costly...but I say, just trust the recipe and DON'T be tempted to stir!!!!
A HOT day in Lightning Ridge, the flavours and the scents of this divine dish and I was transported back to my summer memory of beautiful Spain in July x

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