Monday, July 25, 2011

Mushie reflections

I have been searching through my photos from last seasons harvest and realising two things a) how slack I have been on blogging and b) how gorgeous our garden is and how much I can't wait until spring is here with all her abundance!

In the meantime, whilst our crop is growing nicely (which it is by the way, we have new broccolis and cabbage forming, rocket and snow peas going well and tasting great, our artichokes are going to be out of this world and the herbs are all adding fantastic flavour!), I thought I would hit you with a recipe from our wild harvest selection - mushrooms!

My husband found these after rain earlier this year, in abundance and perfect! Often you struggle to beat the bugs to wild mushrooms, resulting in disappointment,or gritty mushies; we lucked in this time!

There was then the decision about what to do with the abundance - we of course enjoyed a few days worth of meals from these!

I did a wonderful mushroom risotto, simply with garlic, onion, vegetable stock, white wine and the musrooms - it was delicious and topped with parsley and a bit of parmasan..perfect!

I also did a gorgeous stuffed mushroom with home made ricotta, tomatoes and basil, served with one of our first golden nugget pumpkins (simply baked), this was a creamy, mushroomy treat!
Not to mention...FREE! (the featured corn and zucchini are also out of the garden)!

Even though we don't live in Utopia as far as fresh produce is concerned, we still glean a lot from our wild larder...mushrooms are a rare treat, but recently we have also enjoyed a wild duck camp oven, yellow belly and murray river cod sashimi and sushi and popcorn yabbies....BLISS!
Stay tuned for the brag!

Plant, Harvest, Cook, Enjoy ;)