Monday, October 18, 2010


This post is coming more from a place of what I am desiring currently...Pizza!
This gorgeous beauty was created one Sunday afternoon towards the end of fire weather (although we have had the fire back up and cranking in the last week...who knew Lightning Ridge in October could be cool!!! Loving it!)...anyway. I made the dough, a simple, spelt flour and no oil number, and it rose to perfection by the warmth of the fire. By lunchtime it was at its optimum and in the meantime I had had whipped up a gorgeous rocket and mixed nut pesto with greens from the garden and a pungent olive oil (I am not a pesto purist and usually use whatever nuts I have available - in this case it was a mixture of almonds, green pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds). It provided the base of the pizza, topped with anchovies and home made bocconcini (YUM) and cooked in our Pizza Maker (which I just LOVE! and don't use often enough!) they took about 5 minutes. We topped them with a delicious salad from the garden, including spicy little radishes which added to the spark of the pizza!

Yum Made with LOVE Pizza!
This pizza provided an incredible treat which my mouth is watering for as I write! 

BUT the real joy was as much in the preparation and the company and the feelings evoked by the situation of warmth and sharing as it was in the eating!

That is the thing I love about food - if done properly, it creates atmosphere and while the memory of the dish may fade, the emotions attached to the moment won't!


  1. That pizza looks great - can you post the recipe for the dough? I'd love to try making it myself!!