Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fish Friday

I have recently spoken about our delicious Yellow Belly feast but had no images....well the men went fishing again and came back with a haul! The river was rising and the fish were biting...they said they caught heaps of really small ones that they threw back (about 30) and came home with these six beauties!
Yellow Belly from the Barwon River at Walgett
We had a great feast of them - after my father in law painstakingly filleted them all (they enjoyed their fillets too!). I don't particularly like fish soup, but next time I will be saving the heads and skeletons for my friend who LOVES it - I will feel much better about that because I always felt so wasteful throwing them away.
My husband just carefully crumbed the fillets with Gluten Free Rice Crumbs (which the whole family LOVES!) and served with snow peas from the garden, roasted kipfler potatoes and carrots...simple, elegant and DELICIOUS!
This really is great living - not only do you get the enjoyment from catching the fish, but the joy and knowledge that you are eating FRESH food that has been harvested sustainably with thought and care.
Gluten Free Yellow Belly!

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