Thursday, October 14, 2010

Frittata Friday

It is a windy, wet miserable day here today and is more akin to curling up with a good book and a hot choccie than working! So I thought, for lunch, we needed something wholesome and delicious that would remind us that the rain brings bounty and our garden loves it and rewards us with goodies to nourish our bodies and souls.
So, a zucchini and three thyme frittata was in order!
I made it using two reasonably sized (if not misshapen) zucchinis, a small onion, three kinds of thyme (normal, variegated and lemon thyme) and a big handful of flat leaf and curly parsley, all fresh picked from the garden and taken straight into the kitchen (are you jealous yet?)!
I sautéed said ingredients in a bit of olive oil with some smoky sea salt and freshly ground black pepper until they were nearly soft (I think it is still nice to have some give in the veg in a frittata).
I then topped them with four whisked hens' eggs - gathered yesterday - and some crumbled home made fetta - shall have to have another cheese fest soon, the stocks are diminishing!
The whole thing was then let to set and crisp up until just about firm on top of the stove before I finished it off under the grill.
I topped with a home made vinegarette (1generous tsp of french mustard, 3-4 tsp of white or red wine vinegar and about 6-8 tsp of olive oil all added to a small jar and shaken thoroughly) for a little extra zing and punch to cut through the rich egginess! Can I say YUM too many times?
Odd angle...
Frittata Friday - delicious inspiration on a not so delicious day!


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