Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rain brings abundance

The rain in our region is continuous and has been devastating for people who have been unable to harvest their wheat crops. I really feel for these farmers who, after surviving 10 years of drought were super excited about a bumper crop...and not it is sodden and lying flat in the paddock.
For us the rain has brought green to our life, which you have to be grateful for, particularly in this dry part of the planet!
Our veggie patch continues to produce gorgeous quality produce and despite a bit of white mouldy stuff on the zucchinis and cucumbers, which makes the fruit drop off or rot at the flower end, everything is growing incredibly - we haven't even watered for a week, which is FUN!
Incidently, I got a great tip for the white mouldy stuff on the zucchini in the supermarket yesterday (another local veg garden fanatic!) - take off the affected leaves and spray what is left with milk that has been left to sour. She said to make sure you get the affected leaves out of the garden as it spreads like crazy! I took all the leaves off yesterday afternoon and plan on souring some milk today to spray this afternoon, will let you know how it goes!

I thought I would share our December 1 haul with you, this will set your tastebuds up nicely for the goodies to come out of this delicious abundance!
December 1 veg haul - a small pick!
The first thing I did was roast the root veg, the last of the swedes and a couple of golden beetroot (hubby's fav) and enjoyed them with a delightful quinoa and zucchini slice (recipe to come!).

The last of the swedes were roasted perfectly!
In truth the swedes were a little chewy, I suspect we left them a little long (they were flowering when I picked them!), but the beetroot was, as always, to die for...sweet and earthy and moorish!
Have a wonderful day, whatever it brings!

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