Sunday, December 5, 2010

The last of the mulberries

It has been an age since I wrote, mainly due to the fact that I have been on the road consuming only things that other people have cooked for me.
I have to say that this last trip (15 days) away was the best I have had in regards to my health, I had only two minor minor stomach incidents! I  suspect that my acupuncture master and the nuferm that I take are certainly doing their trick, that and I am getting much better at having emergency food in my handbag and am forcing myself to stop and eat!
Anyway, thought I would share a DELICIOUS mulberry treat with you, since the tree is now bare and the only delightful flavour packed treats we have left are in the freezer, waiting for one of those miserable winter days when you long for the taste of spring!

This mulberry smoothie not only tasted amazing (would have been heaps better if I had bothered to take the stalks out of the mulberries!) but was really good for me too!

Mulberry Smoothie
500 ml organic soy milk (or whatever milk you like)
1/2 cup mulberries ( you can substitute for any fruit you like or have handy!)
2-4 tbs plain yoghurt (home made in my case..YUM)
1tsp chia seeds
1tsp Nuferm Plus (high probiotic superfood stuff...GREAT).
1 tsp honey (I am using this incredible honey we found on the great ocean road it is RARE VEDIC ORGANIC HONEY and is raw, pure, unheated and untreated, you have never tasted honey like it!)
Handful of ice
Sometimes I even throw in a handful of muesli for extra crunch and carbohydrate!

Blitz together and enjoy as a fulfilling, satisfying and out the door quick breakfast!


  1. Time to raid the neighbour's tree!

  2. Certainly is! Enjoy the purple stains and don't get sprung!