Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dried tomatoes

We are still dealing with the tomato glut so the other day I decided to dust off the food dehydrator my friend gave me and give it a go.
I sliced the tomatoes as you would to go on a sandwich and placed them in the dehydrator. It took about 8 hours all up.
I then drowned them in canola oil and put them in the fridge.
They are an AMAZING addition to a cheese platter, so much sweeter than the shop bought ones!
One day when I get some time I am going to make a sun dryer because I was very conscious of the power the dehydrator uses and am not sure how 'environmentally sustainable it is' the meantime, I keep the drying to a minimum and we enjoy the tomatoes in moderation!
Sorry about the angle...these are the dried tomatoes in canola oil! YUM

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