Sunday, September 26, 2010


I read a fantastic book about 6 months ago - Eat Right for Your Blood Type and it certainly has assisted, in a BIG way, my health and wellness journey. As I am a type A blood, I am to eat a mostly vegetarian diet - a little fish and chicken is okay, but red meat isn't. This wasn't an difficult step for me, as I have been vegetarian before, and actually prefer not to eat huge quantities of red meat, but fell into eating it often as my husband enjoys it! What it has meant for me is my metabolism has sped up and I feel much healthier on the inside, I hope this is reflected on the outside! I also find that when I don't eat a lot of meat protein at all my weight drops which is always a nice surprise! My diet consists largely of beans, pulses and vegetables. I do have to eat more frequently, about every 3-4 hours, but this is a more supportive option for blood sugars and maintaining constant energy through the day anyway.
So, having a great veggie patch is like heaven for a vegetarian! We recently harvested our first attempt at parsnips, which I love! They didn't exactly turn out like they should have!
The gnarliest parsnip you have EVER seen!
The roast veg before cooking (the pink and white stripy
stripy veg are our white beetroot -super sweet and delightful)
BUT it did make a gorgeous addition to the warm roasted veg salad I made to accompany steamed home grown broccoli, snow peas, beet tops, spinach and brussels.

I just threw together some beetroot (homegrown), sweet potato, the parsnips, zucchini (home grown) and threw them in some good quality olive oil, splash of water and a bit of dukkah. The parsnips could have gone in a little earlier, but the long tentacles added the greatest crunch to the dish! 
Sometimes simple is the best!

The completed dish - a wedge of lemon on the side and YUM!


  1. hmm never thought about throwing in some dukkah - going to try that tonight.

    thanks for the tips - am enjoying my recent discovery of your blog!

  2. HI! Thank you for your comments (only just found them...for some reason...still learning about all this online stuff!) How did the dukkah go in your veg? Adds a nice extra crunch and surprise to the dish I think!