Sunday, September 19, 2010

Garden party

Each weekend I get to hang out in my veggie patch brings me joy and wonderment! How do such small seeds grow into such amazingly tasty morsels?
We are so enjoying our baby brussel sprouts - just tossed in a little nuttelex (no dairy!) and salt and pepper and served on the side of any main meal! I also tempura battered them the other day (using gluten free self raising flour) along with baby zucchini, leeks, spring onions, broccoli and beetroot - what an amazing feast! I served the golden fried nuggets of goodness with a homemade mayonnaise (made from our own eggs, which are sunshine yellow!). Simple, elegant and soooo tasty! Almost makes you believe that eating fried food can be healthy!
Tempura Veggies from the garden served with homemade mayonnaise
(and a few prawns and squid from the fish man!) 

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