Monday, September 27, 2010

Brussel Sprouts are delicious!

The big picture brussel bush, as the bush
ages, the large leaves get tighter and bushier

I think the poor old Brussel really cops a bit of a hard time and maybe it is just because we have all tried the large, old version that you most often find at the supermarket!

We have attempted to grow brussels in the past and not succeded, but this year we got the mix right - good red soil mixed with sheep poo and early morning sunlight with protection from the west seems to suit the brussel.

The bush the brussels grow on is very cool and slightly unexpected - check ours out!

The slugs do love them, so you might have to get out with a torch in the evening and do a bit of harvesting - we just squash them but some people give them to the chooks.

Close up Brussels - YUM!

In our endeavor to be organic home gardeners, we have avoided slug pellets instead opting for the beer in a bowl solution - any kind of beer in a shallow dish acts as an attractant for the slugs, they crawl up, take a sip and fall into their death. Sounds a bit macabre, but just gives you some idea of the effect alcohol can have on you!

I like to keep my brussel eating simple, just some nuttelex melted in a pan and tossed with salt and pepper before adding the brussels - they are definitely best picked young, when the leaves are sweet and have a really intense 'sprout' flavour.
If you aren't vegetarian, take out the salt and add some prosciutto or pancetta to the pan and toss the brussels in that!
I also like cutting them into halves and adding them to a vegie stir fry, they go well with Chinese flavours.

Brussels love Snow Peas and Cabbage - all best eaten picked fresh from the garden...or bought at
the local Farmers Market!

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