Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Spring Senses

I have never really suffered with hayfever, but today, my head is foggy, my eyes are blazing itchy, I feel like someone has punched me in both eyes and cheeks and my nose won’t stop running….this is NOT a pleasant springtime!

The pollen in the air is incredible this year!

We have had 3 years of floods in January which means that the vegetation, even in the outback, is abundant and blossoming at its best.

The wilga and sandalwood trees are incredible, their tiny little flowers are so pretty, but deadly for anyone who gets hay fever!

My garden looks amazing at the moment too!

The nasturtiums have taken over and are sharing their vibrant and fragrant blooms with the birds and the bees and with us – they have such a delicious visual appeal and such a wonderful peppery sweetness that I am just so happy to have them there!

Anyway, back to the hayfever…there are some foods that are good for hay fever and  I thought you might be interested in giving them a go…I certainly am!

Top foods for hay fever

·         Onions: people often go the pharmacy to get antihistamine tablets. However antihistamine can be found naturally in food. Quercetin is a natural antihistamine found in fruits and vegetables, and is highly concentrated in onions. To get the most Quercetin as possible, remove as few as possible of the outer layer when preparing the onion.

·         Honey: there are many long time hay fever sufferers that claim that taking honey everyday helps. It's often recommended that taking a small quantity like one and a half teaspoons is the most helpful.

·         Nettle Tea: nettle tea mixed with honey is also said to reduce the mucus caused by hay fever.

·         Spicy Foods: eating more peppers and strong spices may provide natural hay fever relief as a lot of the pollen is flushed out due to the runny nose caused by spicy foods.


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