Friday, September 28, 2012

Soft on yourself this Spring

I can’t believe how busy I have been for the past few months, I have barely had time to stop and smell the roses (or in my case, the flowering veggies in my patch!).

So my note to self at the end of September is to take some time for me.

Spring is the month of rejuvenation and life and energy and wonder….one should really make a conscious effort to spend some time reflecting on that and savouring it rather than rushing through it like a bull at a gate!

We so often bounce from one month to the next without really taking the time to experience the joy of each subtle change they bring.

September is a sneezy time no doubt, but is also when the air gets lighter and the breeze takes on a new lazy coolness that prickles the skin ever so slightly as it dances over you.

It is the month when you can wear beautiful skirts and wraps but still need to snuggle a little under the covers in the evening.

It is when you can spend lazy afternoons enjoying the sunshine with good friends and a chilled glass of something fizzy and revel in the new life that springs up around you and the bounty of the harvest.

So…next month I am going to be more mindful of the environment around me…take the time to notice the subtlety and indulge in the bliss that provides.

Are you?

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