Monday, August 20, 2012

What to do with a winter veg glut?

I am sad to admit that at the moment, our veg patch is not looking like it has in past years, I have been so busy keeping everyone else inspired through our programs: Cook Well Be Well, How to be an Urban Hippy and through the I’m Not Fussy Food School, that I have not had much spare time to tend to it….I do dream of the day when I am like Jamie Oliver or Hugh Fernleigh Wittingstall and have a full time gardener that I can bounce around with when I have a few spare minutes….but who takes care of all the hard work in the patch!

All that aside though, we are still reaping rewards from the work I have managed to squeeze in  – beetroots, leeks, silverbeet and parsley are still abundant. Our nasturtium looks incredible and we have parsnips that went haywire and a few carrots. Of course the pumpkins from the autumn harvest are still perfect and we have a handful of spuds left from the last crop!

The best thing to do with this is to roast them….I love to throw in some sumac and pepitas/sunflower seeds for flavour and extra crunch and serve with a side of steamed spinach and a glass of rough red!

This roasted veg makes a FAB soup too, blitzed together with homemade veg stock it is delicious and hearty, especially when served with a homemade sourdough from the wood fired oven (yes….yum!).

This is a truly delicious celebration of the winter veg!

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