Monday, August 13, 2012

Binging on the good stuff

I definitely eat too much cheese sometimes…I am a member of a cheese club in Tasmania and they make the BEST cheeses….I order them in and simply can’t help myself…my body definitely does not like it, but somehow the resistance is too great and I just can’t avoid it…I eat too much! Worse yet is when I make my own haloumi or bocconcini...bring on the indulge!

This is an irregular (treat?) occurrence so is not a problem in my life, but it is easy for this occasional splurge to become a regular habit if there is something more sinister driving behaviour.

We regularly hear and read about binging in its well-known forms – including bulimia and binge eating disorder, but we don’t often hear about the over indulgence on health…is it possible?

Are there people out there who overdo the exercise regime, to the point of obsession; or people who take food restriction to extreme? Yes and for all the same reasons that bulimia and binge eating disorder are damaging, so is this.

What the behaviour is masking, or reflecting, is deeper emotional issues that need to be exposed and managed.

I did a great interview with Dr Joann Lukins earlier this month and we explored this idea together – she provided some really useful guidance for people who might be worried about their binging behaviour.

It is worth listening to.

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