Saturday, September 17, 2011

Is it time to Spring Clean your Fitness?

Is it time to Spring Clean Your Fitness?
by Sally Symonds, Healthy Life Mentor and author of  “50 Steps to Lose 50kg . . . And Keep It Off” & “50+ Recipes to Lose 50+kg . . . And Keep It Off”

I change personal trainers almost as often as I change shoes – well not quite . . . but you get the idea. 
Don’t get me wrong, “I’m not fussy,” but as a qualified PT myself, I do like to ensure that my money is well spent. 
I’ve had three great long-term trainers – one became a musician, one became a fencer, and one moved to a gym too far away for me to go regularly. 
Admittedly, 95% of the time I actually only use a PT to hold the pads for me while I box.  But most people use their PTs for much more, which I why I am constantly surprised by people who see the same PT year in and year out, despite getting very little changes or results. 

If our cleaning lady doesn’t clean properly, we find someone else. 
If our drycleaner doesn’t clean our clothes properly, we go somewhere else. 
If we are unhappy with the hairstyle inflicted upon us at the hairdresser, we change stylists. 
Why are we so reluctant to change our personal trainers if we aren’t getting the results we want?

Perhaps part of the reason is the bond we build with them. 
For many people, their PTs have replaced their hairdresser as their confidante [or gossip buddy?].Perhaps we're scared they'll share all our secrets . . . perhaps they already do?

In the fitness industry, like any other, there are good practitioners and not so good ones.  

However, there are at least 25 000 personal trainers in Australia at the moment, as well as countless other online exercise and wellness coaching programs. 

My advice is: don’t be afraid to leave if you aren’t getting what you want or need.  It’s your money and your time and your body. 

If you aren’t happy, don’t quit altogether – just quit that particular PT and try someone else. 

Sure, it can be a tad awkward if you end up going to someone else at the same gym, but awkwardness fades – wasting your time and money doesn’t. 

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