Saturday, July 7, 2012

Welcome to Winter

Well it is time to rug up and get out your woollies, winter is well and truly here. As long as I can stay warm, I love this season!

For me winter means a mesmerising log fire, hearty soups, warming tagines and slow cooks, mittens, scarves and funky felt hats!

It also means consolidation in the garden. Winter is a time to give a bit of extra love to the soil in the way of nutrients (compost or soil improver, or in our case, cow poo and shredded newspaper) and extra mulch. In our temperate climate we are also able to start planting new seeds for a spring transplanting (we have a little greenhouse which helps this), it is so exciting to see new growth…and imagine the possibilities for the table!

Winter is often the time when we do garden structural adjustment or extensions –often, we have taken the opportunity during winter to light a fire outside, rug up and get building.

There have been many an afternoon where I have come home from work, just on dusk, changed into my gardening clothes and wiled away the hours moving dirt, digging holes or mulching garden beds….with rosy red cheeks, a smug grin and the knowledge that the fire is warm inside, it is a blissful feeling!

If you live in the tropical north, I think you are missing out.

After the bright seasonal serenade of the autumn colours subside, winter can sometimes feel gloomy, but if you take the season in hand and celebrate all that makes it special – the food, the festivals, the ambience and the outdoor recreational opportunities, there is much to be excited about.

Be joyous this winter – and shout about what you celebrate this season!

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