Thursday, November 3, 2011

Purple Broccoli...or Cauliflower that has had some sun?

We had a dilemma in the garden last month with the growing of our brassicas...
I remembered planting purple broccoli (which we had a disaster with last year) and I know that if cauliflower sees too much sun it turns purple, so when it came time to pick and eat these glorious purple creations, we weren't sure which they were!
Needless to say it is easy to tell...the cauliflower, which actually didn't look like a trditional cauliflower either, just to make it trickier, has a slightly 'grainier' texture when cooked and also losese its bright purple glow and turns a pale greenish white. The purple broccoli holds its colour more and acts like broccolini.
They were both absolutely delicious and I have decided that if we are lucky enough to grow them next year, I will be calling them regal caulibroc!

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